About me

Heather Stanworth Holistic and Spiritual Healing Therapies

I started my journey in 2013 when I was at a point of wondering what my purpose in life was. Having had my first reiki treatment it opened up a whole new me.

I began to see things so much clearer and this is when my new path began. I realized my purpose was to help and give guidance to others. I see colours and pick up on the energies of others and found myself naturally drawn to tarot. 

I feel it’s important to believe in ourselves and to do this we need to be happy within ourselves first. Healing can help to unblock and feel balanced bringing harmony, happiness and fulfillment. 

During a reading or treatment I use my inner intuition to pick up on energies surrounding you and your situation and allow these to guide me in my responses to you.

My readings can help you develop greater inner awareness and understanding of yourself.

Readings do not predict the future. However, they can serve as a guide in making  decisions going forward. Helping you to assess whether it’s best to take a certain route. 

With my readings I feel it’s important to work with the now. The past has happened, we can’t change it but we can learn from it.  The future is yet to happen and we have free will with how we proceed.

Training and qualifications

  • Third degree master practioner - Usui system of natural healing.
  • Certified oracle card reader - Lucy Cavendish. 
  • Certified Biddy Tarot reader - Biddy Tarot.

Code of ethics

During my treatments and interactions with customers I adhere to a strict code of  ethics.

Public liabilty insurance

To give my customers confidence in my treatments I am a fully insured practitioner.